Thursday, 7 June 2012

Rue's Wings

While I was away over Easter I took some yarn and some needles and an intention to knit a square shawl. After hours of trying to knit in a sqaure, I didn't really like the effect which was developing. After frogging the work, this is what developed. At the time I was reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I was inspired to name this shawl after the character of Rue - a young girl from a district famed for its farming. The central pattern consists of a ripple pattern which can look like feathers or grain. The outer sections contain a lace pattern reminiscient of grain and blosson leading to a leafy outer border.

My friend Stitched-Together has knitted this lovely version in beautiful berry stripes It's amazing how different yarns alter the way that a pattern looks. This version by one of my testers shows the same pattern in a yarn which evolves in colour. The subtle changes in what initially looks like a solid coloured yarn create a very stylish shawl. Thank you, Becca for knitting my pattern.


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Cadbury Ruffle Shawl

While this shawl design is not particularly original it is my own design. Gifted with some Colinette Tao and Parisienne from my Mum, I decided to make a small Shawlette. The colour reminded me of the wrapping of Cadbury's dairy milk, hence the name.

Knowing that the Tao had less yardage directed me towards a stripey shawl. Alternating two rows of each yarn until Tao ran out. Around the outside edge a ruffled edge added a simple decorative finish. Made with silk and kidsilk yarns the shawl has a luxurious feel and will keep my shoulders warm in the winter months. It is also reversible should I want to wear it with a reverse stocking stitch on display.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Stolen stitches - orchid thief

This summer seems to have been one for knitting patterns by Ysolda Teague. The latest pattern to be finished is the elegant Orchid Thief. Knitted in Lang's Jawoll Magic, the shawl took just over one ball. Ysolda noted that this would be a tight fit. I ran out of yarn 4.5 rows before the end. Fortuneately there was another ball at home. In blocking the edges have ended up slightly ruffled, it's not meant to be like this but I quite like it.

My Orchid Thief

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Where sea and sky meet

The sound of waves crashing on the sea shore booms across the valley. The threatening storm has turned to sunshine and we finally managed to go to the beach to take some pics. Looking out of the window you would be forgiven for thinking that we're on a distant Greek Island. However, we are in Cornwall in the hidden village of Seaton (not to be confused with a village of the same name in Devon).

I've brought a variety of UFO's with me, including Liesl a beautiful little jacket by Ysolda Teague. This project began as a mindless spinning project at the end of term. Yarn made of Merino, BFL and Tencel fibres. The Tencel giving and irridescent glow to the yarn so that it looks like Mother of pearl.

This project was a quick knit - although I left six weeks between spinning and knitting the project. It only took a couple of days to knit. I love the picot bind-off found on the sleeves and hem although some would say that this is too much. It's light to wear and took a lot less yarn than I thought. This sort of project would make an ideal gift, it doesn't take too long to make and produces a stunning result. Thank you Ysolda, for annother stunning pattern.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Rivendell Rainbow

At the end of term, I felt the urge to spin rather knit. It seemed to take less concentration
. This roving was bought from babylonglegs - 100g of Falkland roving which was spun into yarn with appropximately a DK weight with 299 metres.

Although the meterage is limited, I wanted to make a shawlette. The yarn is self-striping. Although I love the Citron Shawl, I didn't want to run out of yarn, so I've adapted idea behind the pattern and am designing my own.

Knitting this shawl began with a beaded cast-on and ruffled edge, the rest of trial and error. For some reason the pics won't appear in the order of posting but I'll let them speak for themselves.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rose Lace Shawl

Although this shawl was completed in May, I've only just blocked it. I loved knitting this shawl. A simple to follow pattern with stunning results. The pattern is the Rose Lace Shawl by Susanna Ic.

It was made with Posh Yarn Sadie Lace, a stunning 2ply lace weight with a slightly glossy sheen. It was gorgeous to knit with - a yarn I certainly hope to use again. All I need now is somewhere to go to wear it out. I think it will look lovely with White trousers and top, an ideal outfit for a summer evening by the sea.

Thank you Susanna for this beautful pattern!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Spinning Jennie

The end of term is rapidly approaching and with it my ability to sustain concentration when knitting. So... I reached into the depths of my craft room and rediscovered some tops which had been dyed a couple of years ago.

The tops are a mixture of Blue Faced Leicester, Merino and Tencel. I've blended them in batts. I'm not sure of the proportions, but I'm layering BFL or Merino (I dyed these so long ago that I can't remember which is which) with the Tencel. The yarn is quite muted - possibly muddy. I'm always amazed how much the batt changes when blended, spun and plyed.

I'm not spinning my fourth skein and have generated about 240 m of Aran weight yarn so far.

This will eventually be used to knit Liesl by Ysolda Teague. A gorgeous feather and fan patterned jacket. Let's hope the spinning (and knitting) gets finished in time for the autumn!