Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Purple Autumn Rose 2

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I've chosen my final colours and have started to knit my autumn rose. The coral colours have been replaced by more subtle and comlimentary pinks. I'm quite happy with the result so far and I like the way the central band appears to glow.

I'm now 30 rows through the main pattern. If I manage to knit three rows a day it will take me about 53 days to finish the main part of the body. I'm hoping that I'll finish it sooner (if I manage to knit more than on weekends and holidays!)

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

First Comission

Just before Christmas I was asked to make a pair of fingerless mitts for a friends birthday. She had seen some mitts in a designer shop for £40 and couldn't believe the price. I should have seen what was coming next. "I bet you could make them", "They were just a tube with lace around the cuffs". I was flattered by the request and set off to find the mitts in question - there was some lace around the cuff and buttons along the seam. I haven't finished the pair yet but have completed one mitt. At the weekend I'll buy some lace and stitch around the cuffs. I hope she'll like them.