Thursday, 10 July 2008

Fingerless Sea Mineral Mitts

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Here as requested is a description of my moderations for these fingerless mitts. The pattern for these mitts was inspired by Spilly Jane's pattern from and the pattern can be found at

My moderations were quite simple. I followed the pattern as instructed by Spilly Jane omitting the flower motif. I completed three pattern repeats of the rolling wave section and then divided for the thumb. This was the only section that I didn't follow properly was the thumb and now I would follow the thumb instructions as explained by Spilly Jane. I then completed one more rolling wave motif (it's important to check the length here - think about whether you want them to cover your knuckles or half of your fingers and adjust pattern accordingly. Then repeat the zig zag pattern once, knit two rows. Purl one row (to make a hem). Knit 4-5 more rows and cast off. Complete thumb by knitting one pattern repeat of zig zag pattern and repeat process for making a hem.

Hope this helps. I just made it up as I went.


ChelleC said...

Yes, it really does help. And your shawl at the top of your blog is very lovely!

Cinders said...

the mitts are lovely.