Friday, 8 July 2011

Spinning Jennie

The end of term is rapidly approaching and with it my ability to sustain concentration when knitting. So... I reached into the depths of my craft room and rediscovered some tops which had been dyed a couple of years ago.

The tops are a mixture of Blue Faced Leicester, Merino and Tencel. I've blended them in batts. I'm not sure of the proportions, but I'm layering BFL or Merino (I dyed these so long ago that I can't remember which is which) with the Tencel. The yarn is quite muted - possibly muddy. I'm always amazed how much the batt changes when blended, spun and plyed.

I'm not spinning my fourth skein and have generated about 240 m of Aran weight yarn so far.

This will eventually be used to knit Liesl by Ysolda Teague. A gorgeous feather and fan patterned jacket. Let's hope the spinning (and knitting) gets finished in time for the autumn!

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